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The Calendar

The Calendar by Atom Egoyan is a very interesting film. It is not filmed consecutively like most films but rather in jumbled segments and flashbacks. The movie takes place in Canada in 1993 but the majority of the film consists … Continue reading

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Sans Soleil

Sans Soleil is a movie that is very hard to comprehend. It is composed of an array of short clips edited together over a narration which never seemed to stay on topic. It is portrayed as a documentary but doesn’t … Continue reading

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Daisies, by Vera Chytilová, was a rather peculiar film. It was one of the films to come out of the Eastern European New Waves. These New Wave films challenged conventional films of the time by pushing the limits on censorship … Continue reading

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The Exorcist

he Exorcist (1973) directed by William Friedkin, was one of the first horror movies to be considered a blockbuster. Based on the novel by Peter Blatty, the movie follows Regan (Linda Blair) who becomes possessed by a demon. Regan begins showing … Continue reading

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