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Week 1: The Exorcist

                 For the first written blog for this class, there was a tough choice of movies to pick to write a blog about. I looked at the lists of movies several times, and even looked on netflix to review several … Continue reading

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Week 2: Daisies

  This weeks blog is either on The Red and The White made in 1967 by Miklos Jancso, who wrote this film and directed it or Daisies, a Czech film released in 1966, written and directed by Vera Chytilova. Both … Continue reading

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Calendar-Week 4

Calendar (1993)-Atom Egoyan             The recent movie watched in class before the break, was Atom Egoyan’s 1993 film, Calendar. This movie fits in well with all the other movies that we have been watching throughout the semester, all seeming … Continue reading

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Week 3: Sans Soleil

In 1983, the movie Sans Soleil was released by Argos Films.  The movie is edited, directed, and written by Chris Marker of France.    The movie is a documentary based on the women’s thoughts of travelling around the world.  The … Continue reading

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