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Film Response 5/2

I think that the photographer is attempting to analyze his actions as well as the actions of others. Also, in my opinion he is holding on to his past or what pieces of it he still can without trying to … Continue reading

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Sans soleil

Indirectly, a scene that recalls memory in Chris Markers Sans soleil is the first mention and imagery of the cat at the temple in Tokyo. The narrator recalls his memory, the audience sees his memory though the words and images … Continue reading

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Csillagosk, Katonak

“A writer or artist can manage to live without touching the rights of others” replied Jancso to Gideon Bachmann in a 1974 interview for Film Quarterly. Our other readings in reference to this film speak of the audiences right to … Continue reading

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Roman Polanskis Chinatown (1974) contains elements of new Hollywood and noir-ish american crime films. Released in 1974 but filmed to portray the 1930s this film starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway contains elements of┬ápolitical and social commentary commonly found in … Continue reading

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