Welcome to History of Cinema III

In today’s class, I introduced the scope of the class, some of the important resources, and the five keys to succeeding in this class.

The scope of the class involves examining:

  1. Emerging cinemas since the 1960s and 1970s.

  2. New Waves and National cinemas and their historical contexts

  3. The emergence of global cinema

The primary location for all course resources is the course website. Please bookmark this site and visit it frequently.

Lastly, your success in this class will depend on five requirements.

  1. Attendance and attention to each class lecture.

  2. Viewing all of the in-class and outside screenings.

  3. Completing all of the readings in the textbook and on the ERes site.

  4. Completing each assignment on time.

  5. Excellent performance on both exams.

You cannot do well in this class without diligent attention to all five.

Aside from this administrivia, I look forward to a great semester. Welcome!

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