Post # 4 Calendar

The film Calendar was a lovely little drama film directed by Atom Egoyan in 1993. The story is about a photographer who is taking pictures of the Armenian landscape for a calendar. He is accompanied by his wife, who is interested in their driver for the journey. As the film progresses, the viewer learns that she continues to grow more and more distant from her husband. In response to this, the photographer returns home after the assignment to his domecile in Toronto. Upon arriving there, lonely and heartbroken, he decides to invite over women to try to find another woman to love. What i enjoyed about this movie is that I had to be intuitive and keep and clear mind. Eyogan’s use of flash-forwards kept me guessing, and questioning my own mind. I also enjoyed how he fell in love with the woman who was most like his wife. I felt the true human emotion of love, and how he could not let go of his wife. This was one of the truest and most genuine emotions ever for me to ever witness.

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