Calendar (1993)

Calendar reflects the structure of time and memory coming full circle in the present. Unaware that the dates throughout the film were staged, I assumed the main character to be a lost soul consistently making the same mistake, failing or unwilling to change. My assumption does in fact connect to the film’s discourse of a failed marriage as the main character fails to realize (his) mistakes, which he ultimately reminisces and re-enacts for the opportunity to make things right, which they will never be. Calendar is the perfect example of how many people go through experiences and later reflect on their choices and actions and the loss they feel they could have prevented. The staged dates were somewhat humorous but also very pathetic and I sympathized with the male character because no matter how many dates he re-enacted, whatever he was trying to resurrect would never come to life again. My interpretation of the film is that time and the memories that occur throughout its sphere happen in the moment and therefore become permanent stamps that we cannot relive, only reflect.

Nelson, Tollof. "Passing Time in Intercultural Cinema: The Exilic Experience of the Time-Passer in
     Atom Egoyan;s Calendar (1993)." SubStance 34.106 (2005): 129-144. JSTOR. Web. 5 May 2011.
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