Egoyan’s Calendar

In Atom Egoyan’s 1993 film Calendar, we see this photographer who keeps having reoccurring memories of a trip to Armenia with his wife. We find out through these memories and clues in the present that their marriage had failed and the scenes of them in Armenia give us some first hand looks into how and why it failed. It was funny watching the first few date scenes but after a while there are clues that show that these “dates” were all staged by him and we feel for him more. We see that losing his wife has caused him to go this far for company and its not very funny anymore but it’s more of a sad thing to watch.

We also hear about him having a child with his ex wife but we never actually see this child. He’s really lost his whole family and life and it seemed like going through the memories of being in Armenia was his way of trying to figure out what went wrong and what he could’ve done differently. We see flashbacks of Armenia constantly throughout the movie which could’ve been a way of showing how that trip and his wife were consuming all his thoughts because he knew in there somewhere was when things started going wrong for his marriage.

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