Calendar- You can’t escape your past.

In Calendar a married couple takes a trip to their homeland of Armenia.  They decide to take photographs in front of the beautiful churches in the area. There they take a tour guided by their taxi driver whom can only speak the language his wife is able to speak. This situation causes the driver and his wife to interact and bond increasingly. This makes the photographer very jealous and suspicious.

Though he manages to print 12 beautiful photographs, his marriage falls apart during the trip.  The audience now views the photographer in his lonely state.  He misses his wife truly and is haunted by the memories of their past and that specific trip where he lost his wife to the driver.  We know this because we are repeatedly shown different instances of memory from his trip. It seems as though the photographer cannot stop thinking about that time because he is trying to figure out what went wrong and how the marriage failed. However I feel like the wife was losing interest in him before this trip because they are constantly arguing in the beginning. The photographer’s jealously and uninterested behavior toward his wife only compelled her to take more interest in the driver.  In the present we see the photographer desperately try to find romance with a different person each month.  He stages the same date with each girl and they all end the same way, each woman is told to make an erotically charged phone call but instead of being interested in them the photographer ends up recounting another memory of his wife. He seems unable to find the perfect replacement until one November when he is meets a beautiful Armenian woman whom he seems to like.  But just as they begin to talk and learn more about one another, his estranged wife calls him and explains why she left him.

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