Week 2: Daisies

This weeks blog is either on The Red and The White made in 1967 by Miklos Jancso, who wrote this film and directed it or Daisies, a Czech film released in 1966, written and directed by Vera Chytilova. Both Films where released in Europe with positive and even some negative reviews.
The film, Daisies is about two young girls, Marie I (Ivana Karbanova) and Marie II (Jitka Cerhova), and they believe that the world around them is “Spoiled” and agree that they as well should be that way as well. The two girls then do whatever they plan, and are very destructive throughout the film. They try and rebel against the world with odd pranks throughout the film.

The film itself is a very odd film. It seems to have a story but at the same time, it is very unorganized as it jumps from one thing to the next, especially with no explanation sometimes. The film in the past was looked at as innovated and something new and rebellious. Now it just seems as though someone with a camera filmed two young girls high on something. I did happen to like the color(s) and the camera angles throughout the film and I also found it to be weird at moments but somewhat entertaining.

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