The Memories of a Lost Love

The Calendar is a film about a photographer that goes on a trip with his wife to Armenia to discuss with a tour guider about the specific churches in this country. During these recordings of the churches begin discussed we slowly watched how the wife’s relationship with the photographer fall apart. His wife is also the translator for the tour guider since he only speaks a certain language that the wife knows. So as the recordings go on we see the wife and the photographer constantly argue on how recording is suppose to be. At first they follow through but eventually he gets angry and fed up with the connection he sees with his wife and tour guide as they whisper and laugh at something comical. He slowly sees the intimacy level of them two grow and he eventually just kicks them out the frame of the chruches and start taking pictures. Also throughout the film we see an aftermath where he hires a bunch of woman to have a date with him and talk about various things that can identify the memories of his wife’s personality. To see if any of the women match his wife. He also sends the women to talk on the phone as he takes on notes on how each women acts.  Eventually by the end of the film he realizes that he has lost his wife and that she will never return and no one will replace her or her memories. Basically, that she is one unique soul. That’s the only great interpretation or meaning of the film really has. I really didn’t like this film at all because it was very boring and constantly repetitiveand not entertaining enough for me. But I do understand the irony of it and understand the concept of it which it explains in a great way that couldn’t be done in another. So in life we are stuck with what we want or can’t get. That we must cherish those fond memories of our lost love ones. Each person is unique and it would never be the same because each person is different and can never be replaceable. So once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

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