The Calendar

The Calendar by Atom Egoyan is a very interesting film. It is not filmed consecutively like most films but rather in jumbled segments and flashbacks. The movie takes place in Canada in 1993 but the majority of the film consists of footage that a photographer took when he and his wife went to Armenia. On the trip the wife falls for the guide that they hired which eventually leads the couple to split. Between each showing of footage the photographer is seen with dates which seem to follow the same formula each time. Later on in the film you realize that all of these women are escorts that he hired. He is probably trying to reenact conversations that he and his wife used to have in order to remember her. Whenever the shot of the calendar is seen a flashback from Armenia is shown. This could be past dates that these events happened. He could be associating specific dates with specific events. The film wasn’t bad but rather hard to follow. Once you watched a decent amount and put pieces of the big picture together it started to make more sense.

Imaginary Images: An Examination of Atom Egoyan’s Films

Peter Harcourt

Film Quarterly

Vol. 48, No. 3 (Spring, 1995), pp. 2-14

Published by: University of California Press

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