Film Repsonse: Calendar (’93)

Atom Egoyan’s Calendar is a 1993 drama film that tells the story of a photographer and his attempt to find the love that he has lost, with a interesting twist thrown in.

In Calendar, a photographer is sent to Armenia where, along with his wife and tour guide, Ashot, are to take pictures of various churches for a calendar. While on the trip, the photographers wife starts to fall in love with the tour guide Ashot, eventually leading husband and wife to separate.

Heartbroken, the photographer returns back home. Unable to be without his wife, and here’s the twist I found interesting, he begins hiring women to talk to him on the phone in hopes that maybe one will sound like his wife and he can relive his memories with her. He uses his photographs to bring everything that he’s lost back to life.

The film is shot in documentary style with little to almost no characters. But the characters that did make an impact in the film, were inanimate. Moments he captured on film, and the photos he used for the calendar all played an important part in this story of love and loss.

To be complete honest, I found this to be one of the more entertaining and interesting films we’ve watched this semester. The simplicity of the story, the theme of heartbreak and longing and memories, was acted out beautiful by things that aren’t real, which made the movie fascinating. Time that he lost with his wife were giving back to him throughout the film with the help of just simple photos. Beautiful!!

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