Egoyan’s Calendar

In Atom Egoyan’s 1993 film Calendar a photographer from Canada goes to Armenia to take pictures of old churches to put into a calendar. He brings along his wife as a translator because their guide, Ashot, only speaks the native Armenian language. The film is very segmented or chapter like with each picture of the calendar serving as an individual memory in the form of “video installations”. The home videos that the photographer takes I believe do a more convincing job serving as his memories. It seems he longs to relive the time before his marriage crumbled by reviewing the tapes. But I don’t think it really works because he cannot deny his present state of loneliness no matter how much he looks into the past. And the man that took his wife away is in most of the shots as well, which conflicts with the happiness he is looking for in the tapes. Egoyan does a good job of incorporating digital media into the film itself to help emphasize his point of loss, nostalgia, and longing.
Wilson, Emma. “Desire and Technology: An Interview with Atom Egoyan” Film Quarterly. University of California Press, 2010. Web. 2 May 2011

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