Calendar film response

Despite the ambuigity of the film throughout the film. it portrays itself to the audience in a particular form returning to its central idea. Its format and camera style illustrates a certain style. The camera being seen in third person showing complete awareness of a situation. However, the camera gives the feeling of isolation as the protagonist seperates itself from its plot. However, its detachment from the plot at certain times moving at a certain pace helping to show isolation within the film. The author rewinding and pausing the film helps to show a form of control of time and space, manipulated by memory. Shown through the camera which sees the events through the eyes of the protagonist. Calendar an exploration of how film is able to explore memory through the ideal and action of experience and memory, certain article agrees the form calendar intends to show memoy. Ultimately, Calendar is a film description of how memory through the perception of a person charectierize a certain ideal moment.

– Nelson, Tollof. “Passing time in intercultural cinema:.” Muse. Substance, 2005. Web. 2 May 2011

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