The movie Calendar, is mainly about a professional photographer who keeps having this reoccuring memory of when he went on a trip to Armenia with his wife. In the trip it is not implied but we assume that his marriage falls apart when he ends ups talking in the present about his failed marriage. also, throughout the movie we see that he goes on several “staged” dates that we the audience don’t find out till the end when the girls keep going to make phone calls and he finally tells them to stop and that’s enough, and another thing they all are foreign. The only reason i can think of for that is that they remind him of his trip that failed his marriage, i think all of the date scenes were very funny even though they seem to behave the same outcome. overall the movie is very simple because there is not very any movement, it only takes place in a few places and keeps flashing back to the memory and going back to the present. he always mentions that he has kids but you never see them. i guess the most the most important thing about the movie is the trip he went through that he filmed with a camera and it is shown in our eyes as a recording.

Nelson, Tollof. “Passing time in intercultural cinema:.” Muse. Substance, 2005. Web. 2 May 2011

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