Calendar is 1993 film by Atom Egoyan and the last screening in class. Like most of the recent films that we have been watching, the theme has to do with time and memory.A photographer is sent to Armenia to take pictures of churches for a calendar. He slowly begins to realise that his wife, an Armenian translator, is falling in love with their driver and unofficial guide, Ashot. They grow more and more distant from each other and finally separate. Later, at his home in Toronto, he uses an escort service to invite a number of women to dinner, finally settling on the one who looks and sounds most like his wife. The photographers wife helped him to connect to the Armenian land which he was photographing.  without his wife he tries to connect with Armenia by dating other women, but because these women are not his wife he is unable to connect with the Armenian homeland. By meeting different women and connecting the similarities with his wife and them, he is able to connect bits and pieces of his past in Armenia.

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