The film Calendar was a very interesting film.  The whole film is shot in about 3 areas:  the outdoors with old churches, the date scenes, and the answering machine.  In the film, the main character is a photographer whose wife has left him.  He loses her and dines with other women trying to find the woman that most resembles his wife.  He is obviously trying to fill that void in his heart with somebody else, but he doesn’t really seem interested until that last woman who resembled his wife.  During his dates, he talk, but after he pours wine, the date excuses herself to go use the telephone.  We eventually find out that this was set-up.  I wasn’t clear on what the reason was.  He would start jotting things down on his notebook so I believe that he was evaluating them while they were on the phone.  Then he goes back to his past where he is taking pictures in Armenia taking pictures with his wife and translator.  They all seem to be in a happy state and have a great time by making jokes, but his wife eventually leaves him for the translator.  Each month shows a new picture on the calendar during the answering machine scenes and each month brings a new memory of his time in Armenia.

Therefore, he was missing his wife and tried replacing her with other woman.  His vivid memories of Armenia are brought back every month.  This film was interesting and was different from the previous films we have watched.  Going back and forth in time can get confusing in films, but in this film you eventually get what is happening and that’s a relief.  Finally a movie that I get!

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