Blog Response #4:Calendar

Calendar, a somewhat humerous yet monotonous film directed and starring Atom Egoyan, is essential to the perceptions of what memory can provide to us through several technological avenues, such as videotape and photography. The theme in this film, is how he uses photography and videotape to address and bring back the memories of him and his wife, who has since left him, in a completely inordinate fashion. Egoyan’s motive is for the film to be out of order, and leave the viewer searching for their own interpretation or meaning, as we do not know much about the length of time that seperates these “dates” and recordings, which makes for an  ambiguous timeline. I feel in this instance Atom has lost his relationship with his wife, but its weird because she calls him and asks for him to contact her. I think he misses the times he has spent with her, which is why he arranges these dates. Its always good to have video of good memories just because when you watch them, you can transcend to that very instance of your life and remember you were happy at that very moment. I believe Egoyan uses these devices to bring him back to when he was with his wife, a much happier time for him, while he is on these staged dates because everytime the date uses the phone, he starts to reminisce of times with his wife, where he really wishes he was.

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