Atom Egoyan’s Calendar(1993)

(1993), directed by Atom Egoyan, was a very interesting film to watch. The director stars in his own film about a photographer searching for love after his marriage falls apart. The film is pretty simple in which there are only three main settings where the story takes place; the dinning room, Armenia, and the photographer’s answering machine. The film is clearly about memory and the passage of time, hence the title Calendar. Throughout the film, a calendar is shown going through the months and showing the event or memory that occurred that day. The answering machine also plays an important role in the movie in which it sits by the calendar and old messages left by his ex-wife are played. In a way, it seems that objects are telling the viewer what is happening with this couple, in which it leads us through the film and the passage of time.  Also, it was interesting to watch some of the footage being shot with a video camera. It made the film look more like a documentary at times, a definitely more real. Some shots were pretty simple, like the ones in the dinning room. The camera was just at a front angle with no movement, and it stayed in the same position for every scene. Overall, this film was very entertaining, simple, and humorous at times.


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