4th response

In regards to the argument that the film Calender uses “memory” as a thematic and cinematic tool,  I will point out a few of these devices in the following response. Throughout the film, the protagonist is fumbling through different memories having to do with his former wife. The use of photography and home video allows for memories to be freshly brought to mind. I seems that every month and photo in correspondence to that month sparks a particular memory in which he is trying to re-live or remember. The protagonist also sets up a series of dates with “escorts,”where it seems he is trying to relive a previous encounter with his wife. At first when i was watching this film i had no idea that theses were in fact staged dates, but after class discussion it all fell into place and made sense. It seems that this man is very uneasy about his current life and is questioning himself and the choices he previously made that drove his marriage into the ground.

I personally enjoyed this film because it really gave a historical architecture lesson of Armenia along with the subtle hidden elements that indeed trigger memory or past life. I knew while watching that there was a bigger theme than what i was grasping, but after discussion it was very easy to understand. This is for sure a film worth watching a second time.

Brian Fairchild

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