Film Response 4: Calendar

The film Calendar is interesting and in a way organized in how we get all these different scenes yet we are able to follow through what the problem/ story behind these scenes is. Atom Egoyan directs and stars in this film in which an Armenian photographer reveals moments of his life by having been documented on a video camera and photographs to make a calendar in Armenia with his ex wife. He gives his feelings and thoughts on what was happening during the trip along with the tour guide and basically tells that he was feeling lonely through the trip.  The only specific thing that I find sort of confusing is when all the dates ask to use the phone and carry on a conversation while he writes down notes based on the picture on the calendar that is next to the phone, it is later that I find out that “with every date, he puts the women through the paces, asking them to make sexually charged phone calls to others.” I like how the film interacts with the viewer in that it seems as if the audience is inside the head of the photographer and how the use of imagery and shot angles is used to connect the photographs in the calendar with the shots of film he took during the trip. I also like how he would rewind shots of his wife and we get that he misses her and is finding it hard to move on.

Sources: Calendar

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