Atom Egoyan’s Calendar was a strange but interesting film. Calendar is a film about memory and time. Photographs and video are both used extensively as storage of a moment. Our memory’s are storage’s of the moments in our lives. This film takes that to another level by bringing back to a man’s life with these devices. The film itself is uniquely shot it is shot hand held. I enjoyed how we were put in the photographers perspective in his story allowing us to sympathize with him.  The film was never in your face detailing information like most films. There were a lot of implications. The film was composed of multiple images and scenes which are not chronological. Moments of the past are switched back and forth with the present.  This allowed thinking for the audience to make out what Egoyan’s agenda was. However, It became pretty obvious later in the film that the wife left the photographer for another man. There was an abundant amount of visual irony. With the idea of the Calender representing literally space and time. My interpretation of the film was regret. The protagonist seems to be choosing which memories to flash back and relive them. We as the audience are brought along for the ride.  The sense of regret is potent, we see that his choices have led up to his miserable situation in the present. Where he now has to go to call girls as an alternative for his wife.

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