Calendar-Week 4

Calendar (1993)-Atom Egoyan
          The recent movie watched in class before the break, was Atom Egoyan’s 1993 film, Calendar. This movie fits in well with all the other movies that we have been watching throughout the semester, all seeming to have an Indie-Movie type film and different ways of filming and shooting films. Both these things are very interesting, but I find the way that these films we have watched in class, especially this one, have great camera views and shots. This film only has a few different locations but Atom Egoyan makes these locations stand out with different camera angles and different types of shots. A shot that I liked that Atom Egoyan used, was during the scene while taking a photo of one of the churches for the calendar, Egoyan is taking a photo of the church while the translator and his wife speak to each other. Egoyan shoots the photo of the church, while the camera shots from behind him from a distance. The movie has different camera views and it is one of the most creative movies that we have watched this semester with camera views.


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