Save the date: Atom Egoyan’s ‘Calendar’

Atom Egoyan’s calendar is a very interesting movie in how it treats the subject of memory. In comparison to ‘Sans Soleil’, ‘Calendar’ follows an infinitely more rigid structure than the aforementioned. Although the character’s faux-dates going back and forth between old footage might seem a little confusing at first, but it is most certainly not sporadic. ‘Calendar’ chronicles the collapse of the title character’s marriage/relationship with his wife. The use of the footage shows us definitive memory (and most likely stands for the detail that the character remembers it) of his excursion to Armenia shooting old churches also says something about his character as well. All of the footage that he captured in Armenia (except some footage of sheep trotting down the road) contained 2 person full body shots with considerable distance between himself and his wife and the “tour guide”. I think the usage of this is brilliant in how it captures the distance that the character is feeling throughout the whole movie.

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