Sunless/ Sans Soleil

Documentary? Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, I sat through this notary documentary film by Chris Marker in confusion and intrigue. I understand why this falls into the “Essay Film” category. I found myself delving into the letters the narrator was reading. I was trying to match the words/stories with the images of the film but finding legitimate comparison was difficult. I don’t have very much to comment on because I found this film very hard to interrupt even after watching it multiple times on Netflix. I thought that Marker’s comparison of Hitchcock’s Vertigo and the Japanese travelers’ ride home very random but also interesting as the images blend from fiction (animation) to non-fiction.  Many of the wildlife scenes disturbed me, for instance, the different species of animals mating and the scene where the giraffe is shot helplessly. After reading the article I am still unsure about how  Casebier wants us (the audience) to interpret the term “mediation”? Is there an intervention between the images we see and this so-called “protest”? My interpretation has been that our minds automatically protest the images we see because they are not something we’re used to so a third-party subconsciously mediates and processes these images into a form we can understand and accept.  Still not sure.

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