Sans Soliel

Chris Marker’ Sans Soliel is a very interesting movie in its randomness that keeps the viewer thinking, after viewing the film, about the overall point or purpose of the film. Through reading Allan Casebier’s article “A Deconstructive Documentary” and seeing the end of the film I was able to comprehend finally that it was all from the diary of a fictional man named Sandor Krasna. But the film turns a diary, which is just text, into visual images. And because this is a diary these images are in the form of memories, and memories can be very sporadic and dreamlike. I love how the film is contradictory in that it is both documentary ( the video footage) and fiction. The scene about spending the day watching Japanese TV even had Sandor referring to it as a “memory box”. Here you get a sense of the first person POV (closeness of the tv) and the methodical passage of time, thanks to the time displayed on the top left of the tv. I think this scene is a rough symbol of what the whole movie is.

Casebier, Allan. “A Deconstructive Documentary”. Journal of Film and Video Vol.40, No. 1. University of Illinois Press, 1998. Web. 4 Apr 2011.

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