Sans Soleil

Sans Soleil is a very different type of film.  I was very confused and tried my hardest to follow along.  Some parts were hard to swallow especially the parts about Japan and animal pornography.  That was very hard to watch.  The film was very graphic.  It showed a giraffe getting shot through the neck with blood gushing out from both sides and eventually leads to the giraffe falling to the ground and dying while vultures eat out its eye.

In “A Deconstructive Documentary” by Allan Casebier, Casebier states, “As part of its deconstructive project, the film dwells in the intersection between fiction and documentary.”  One part that stood out to me was a small scene in Japan with people on the train sleeping and it goes to each person’s dreams.  It goes from nightmares of individuals and then zooms into a man and woman sleeping and shows them having erotic dreams.  I do not know the symbolism behind this scene besides maybe that the erotica and horror is part of the Japanese culture.


1.  CASEBIER, ALLAN. A DECONSTRUCTIVE DOCUMENTARYJournal of Film and Video,Vol. 40, No. 1 (Winter 1988), pp. 34-39

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