Sans Soleil

Sans Soleil is a film directed by Chris Marker and is by far the most confusing film I’ve watched in class so far. Marker uses seemingly unconnected people and places and puts them all together in this film with an unseen narrator throughout the entire film.  The biggest aspect of this film and the thing that jumped out at me very quickly was that there was no main storyline or character. This may have been intentional and the way Chris Marker wanted it but for me it did become hard to follow and keep my interest. Some particular scenes stuck out as very strange and left me wondering what their importance was to the film as a whole like the giraffe getting shot or the long sequences of people dancing in the streets.

Memory is a constant theme throughout the film and it felt like one of the main points of the film. The narrator recalls memories of visiting Africa and Japan and talks about their people and cultures. The narrator also talks about memories of visiting the locations from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo in San Francisco. As the film goes on, we see more and more of the narrators memories of these places and we get to see how complex memory can be just through these examples of the personal memories of the narrator. While I can see the theme of memory through this film, it was still too confusing for me to really sit back and relax while watching this. I realize this is a film that wants you to think but for me there was too much I was confused by for me to really think about this film in its entirety.

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