Sans Soleil

A large amount of Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil unclear and images seemed random at times. The film goes back and forth with two main locations, Japan and Africa. Both cultures are explored and some interesting facts are shed light upon. One focus that came across in Japan’s culture was the concept of the Gaze. The gaze was used in film and gave a disturbing feeling in the J-Horror films, but also made it feel like the audience was being acknowledged. There were alot of sexually themed objects in regards to Japanese culture. The most memorable being the giant penis sculptures to the images of animals fornicating.Though disorientating at times, the film is visually captivating with its strange images. The narration itself came off as droning.  Throughout the film I was constantly trying to look for the theme of Memory. However, the theme felt more like a theme of dream with the film distancing it self from a typical narrative.

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