The movie San Soliel, is a very complicated piece of work to comprehend. It gives you many shot frames of different parts of different cities. It first starts off in tokyo and heads to africa. but since it keeps switching the viewer has little time to recover from what they have just seen. All the shots are put into a montage and when you figure out what’s going on you have no time to actually say “oh i get it” because you have to keep paying attention. my first reaction of when i first finished watching the movie was what is this movie about? by the time the movie is done you don’t know what to think. you have probably forgotten the whole middle parts of the movie because theirs just so many things that have been thrown at you and you can’t take it all in. I think the part that stands out is when it shows tokyo city, and that’s mainly because it’s in the beginning of the movie. it shows many parts of the city but i think what i like is when you see people reading the comic book strips and then many parts of the city is shown with street art. what i kind of got out of this is that probably the whole  city is one big comic book because there is art scattered all over the city and also there’s sculptures and pictures every where, which i think s unique. but at the same time there’s images of people riding the train and many more every day things that makes it a normal big city. overall if your not paying attention you lose yourself in the movie and starts wondering what is all this about and won’t stand watching it. maybe thats the whole reason of the movie, to lose you and distract you.

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