Sans Soleil

Extremely clever but very confusing! Sans Soleil was directed by Chris Marker and released in 1983. Told by an unaccredited narrator, Marker creates a film that is, literally, out of its element. The film is in no way chronological; rather it is disproportionate and juxtaposed. Think of Christopher Nolan’s Memento, but French. The film itself is an innovation. It somehow blurs the lines of documentary filmmaking with essay style, creating a unique and very memorable film in the New Wave.
“The first image he told me about was of three children on a road in Iceland, in 1965.” This subtitle is followed by a blank screen and then a jet plane falling to the ground, too completely different images. The film continues in this fashion. For what I feel it’s worth, this entire movie never clearly has two scenes that coincide with each other, leading the audience into thinking about the relationship between what is being shown and said.

Carol Mavor. “Happiness with a Long Piece of Black Leader; Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil.” Art History 30.5 (2007) : 738 – 756

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