film response to sun soleil

This film I consider one of the most unusual film. Certainly not the worst as I later found out  but difficult to comprehend as its technical uses for the film makes certain motifs difficult to understand. Although, Sun Soliel is considered a documentary and I agree to a certain point, however, certain techniques used within the film gives it a feel of a post-modernist film often confusing the viewer and giving it a form of time distancing.  One certain technique is that  of  pausing time and staring at the eyes of  people giving an ideal of a space and time void in which the illusion of time is manipulated according to the films ideas. The movement of one place to another is that of manipulating space and controlling the concept of certain action and thoughts of viewers. Although the documentary is based  on japanese culture, the film goes to various continents in order to give viewers a better perspective and to relate it towards the viewer. This gives the feel of time and space being controlled and putting the viewer deeper in the film towards its own perspective.

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