Blog Response #3 : Sans Soleil

Wow. This movie is extremely unique compared to other foreign films that I have watched, which have included many Czech movies, for if you haven’t watched any, can be completely bizarre, nonetheless visual mindbending masterpieces. Not that I can say that this is a bad movie, because it is critically acclaimed, as well as a complete work of visual art in which the viewer must soak up the visual rays of sun which this film has to offer.

This film is transcendent over time and space; dream and reality, retsospect and post modernism views. The film is also extremely unique in the fact there is no real plot, script, or most of the elements of the traditional film in which we are accustomed. This is how essay films are portrayed, mostly documentaries, in which a point is trying to be proved, in this case over space and time across the world, in the life of the cameraman, whose “letters” being read by the narrator, are meant to give us meaning to his stylistic approach. But the cameraman is Marker himself, and the letters are also from himself.  

Memory is the meaning of this movie, and the scene that I most identified with memory, was when Marker follows in the footsteps of Hitchcock from his film Vertigo. This scene is important to Marker, for we see many clips, and starts off by saying “He says that there is only one film (Vertigo) had been capable of portraying impossible memory, insane memory”. He visits all of the locations where it was shot, saying that in the florist the tiles haven’t changed from what he remembers. Also making numerous allegorical references between Vertigo, time, space and memory. What also is interesting is how he says that Hitchcock hadn’t invented these locations, for they are real, and as real as his memory serves him. I also feel that as he went to locations, he pictures what he remembered it to be in the film, and how his memory over vast barren lands, and through highly advanced and populated cities, is the engine for this film.

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