Sans Soleil

The one thing I recall most strongly about this film was the mention and visual use of television. The narrator at one point says “I’ve spent the day in front of my TV set—that memory box,” so memory or time is directly related to television, possibly because of how television is able to play back images and sequences that otherwise might not by preserved. The narrator then later says, “the more you watch Japanese television… the more you feel it’s watching you,” which could represent the struggle between memory/time and the self. When one spends time trying to remember things, one loses one’s identity as they start defining their selves in terms of their memories. At one point in the film there is visual use of the television where the camera is looking at a wall of televisions playing something, but in between the camera and the wall is a crowd of people walking back and forth. This induces a kind of tension for the audience; the most interesting subject appears to be the televisions, but our view of them is obstructed by these people. This could be interpreted to mean that the hustle and bustle of a busy city life impedes our ability to remember things. Some of these interpretations seem to contradict one another so I’m still not totally sure, the film is pretty ambiguous.

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