Sans Soliel: The Borefest

Wow! That’s about the only word that came to mind after watching this essay film by Chris Marker. I guess essay film is slang for “boredom” because this was by far one of the worst films I think I have ever watched. Let’s just film a bunch a photos, images and words together and call it art. I’m not buying it for a minute, and I haven’t taken LSD in years, maybe if I did this movie would make an iota of sense to me. This film felt like a surrealist documentary. I say this because I did not connect the pictures with anything and left the classroom feeling confused and lost. One minute the narrator is talking about Icelandic children, then the next minute I’m surrounded by monkey penis, you still think Mr.Marker wasn’t on acid? I have watched many odd and quirky films throughout my duration at Queens College, but this one takes the cake. I found no meaning or underlying message in this film. The only thing I can consider is the idea of life and death. Many times we are bombarded by images of dead animals, also a funeral in Japan, and let’s not forget the site of where a bunch of Japanese girls committed suicide by blowing themselves up with grenades. The most prevalent image to me was when the giraffe was shot and clinging to life as blood poured from it’s neck, only to be blown away by the hunter for a third time to the head. I felt like Marker was trying to tell us that we have such inconsideration for all types of life, which I feel like most people do. Take my post how you want to, some will bash it, while other will see where I am coming from, but please, please do not make me watch Sans Soliel again.

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  1. Not to be rude, but taken LSD in years? Trolling? It isn’t really hard to comprehend what scenes are dealing with time and space.

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