Attendance Matters

In class yesterday, I presented a number of different charts and graphs. But one chart that I didn’t get to finish in time for yesterday’s class was one based on performance based on attendance. It’s done now and there’s a clear lesson.

As I mentioned this in our first week of class, not coming to class is bad for your grade, even if I don’t directly factor attendance in your grade. But I want to make sure everyone understood the relationship between attendance and performance on exams. Below is a chart that shows the average exam score vs. how many classes one has attended this semester.

As you can see, there’ a strong downward trend based on how many classes you miss. In fact, if you missed 0-1 classes, you scored about a B-/C+, but if you missed 2-3 classes, you grade basically dropped a full letter grade to a C-/D+.

I think the lesson here is clear.

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