All The Presidents Men

“All The Presidents Men” is a 1976 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. It is a film adaptation to the book that had the same title.

The movie portrays all the events that occurred during the Watergate investigation and the scandal. In the movie Bob Woodward, played by Robert Redford, and Carl Bernstein who is played by Dustin Hoffman are assigned the story about a reported break-in at the democratic national committee headquarters. But they had no idea what they had stumbled upon and by them being persistent and having an inside source they were able to unravel this gigantic scandal that shook up the white house and led to one of most important days in the history of the united states of America.

The movie shows all of the hassle that they had to go through to get information like making phone call to all these high public officials and people in general that worked for them. The movie tends to try to show the dark side of journalism and how if you have a very important story that happens to involve the president then your life is in danger. For example in the movie Bob Woodward always meets with his informant “Deep throat” in this dark parking lot at midnight, once a week. But the weird thing about these meeting is that every time they meet it seems as if though the more he gets information the more he gets in danger. And if that’s not enough most of the people they try to interview seem to be nervous about them even mentioning the topic and the event. They fear for their lives and refuse to give out any information.

For example there’s this one scene when Carl Bernstein goes to this woman’s house and she refuses to give out the names of her co-workers and so she will only give out the initials of there first names that he had in a list, which I thought was very weird.

The first time I saw this movie was in the journalism 100 class I took last semester and I really liked it and said to myself that maybe I could see myself being a journalist one day and I would enjoy doing investigative work.

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