The Red and the White

The Red and the White is a 1967 film directed by Miklos Jancso. The Hungarian title for this film is, Csillagosok, katonák which is translated to “Stars on their Caps.” A number of Jancsó film titles are quotes from songs.  The title goes hand in hand with the plot since the film is about the Russian Civil War and the soldiers. The Russian Civil war begins in 1918 after Bolsheviks took control of Petrograd. The Bolsheviks (Red) and the alliance of anti-Bolsheviks forces (white) fight one another, hence the title “The Red and the White.” The war ends in 1922 when the Reds (Bolsheviks) take control of Vladivostok and then the Soviet Union is established. In the movie there’s a field hospital where the Whites keep the Reds captive. Red soldiers walk willingly, singing, into war. I personally thought this film was like an episode of Tom and Jerry (of course in a more realistic sense not literally a cartoon), the whole concept of chasing one another and finding each other on the field and doing ridiculous things to each other. There was no real storyline to this film unlike the other war movies; it was just them killing each other. There was really no ending or completeness to this film. It left you feeling dull.

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