The Red and the White

The “Red and the White” was a movie made by Hungarian filmmaker Miklos Jansco in 1967. The movie takes place during the Russian Revolution after the October revolution of 1917. The movie captures the battle between the Reds who were Bolsheviks and the Whites who were focused on squelching the rebellion. The very wide angle shots or fisheye lens look are immediately noticeable from the first shot of the film. As the viewer I felt like I was deeper in the scenes because of the all encompassing view. But there was some noticeable distortion in shots with people at the edges. Jansco does not try to show one side in a better light than the others. Both sides kill and are killed, have victories and losses. There are no main characters, which is realistic because in war no one man is the hero and therefore not safe from death either. Jansco did a good job in not romanticizing war, just showing the depravity and chaos of it all, shots echoing across the land from beginning to end.
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