The Red and the White

The Red and the White is a 1967 film written by the Hungarian director, Miklós Jancsó was a really different style of film.  It didn’t seem to really follow any certain plot besides the civil war between two Russian sides: the Reds and the Whites.  I couldn’t really decipher who was a main character besides the nurse with the short hair.  I’m not even sure if she was a main character, but this film showed a lot of savage acts and cruelty.

The reds would tell the prisoners to run and then shoot them in the back.  In one scene in the beginning they let the prisoners run free and tell them that they only have fifteen minutes to run, but the gate was closed so the prisoners had nowhere to run.  They eventually were hunted like dogs and killed.  Another scene is where one of the officers tells the country girl to take off all her clothes.  This officer obviously desired her body and used his power to overpower the weak.  If you had a gun in this film, you were probably powerful.  This film demonstrated the characteristics of the state of the nation at that time and brought the audience closer to reality.

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