The Red and the White (1967)

This film by Miklos Jancso was made to depict the Russian Civil War during the early party of the 20th century. In his film, he does not take the side of the Communist or anti-Communist but rather shows his film from an unbiased point of view. He dipicts the horrers, violences and wrong military behavior that both armies displayed during this horrendous war. The movie is very political driven to show that war is meaningless and can sometimes be confusing to see which side is really the “good” guy and which is not.  The movie demonstrates this characteristic by being confusing for the viewer to follow. There is no central character and the death of many people occur just for the country they are from.

This is pointless and the Armies are not acting in favor of the people but rather are inflicting harm to them. Another interesting take of the film is that most of the dialogue between the actors are commands rather than want to normally accepted which is a character opening themselves to the audience. This disconnect  allows that an “unequal distribution of power” does not create in the eyes of the audience.

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