The Red and the White

In this film the Miklós Jancsó is telling a story about the Russian Revolution during the film I have observed how he wanted the viewers to kind of connect to the Russian Revolution in the beginning may have been a bit of confusion with soldiers being a part of one army and not agreeing with what they were fighting for and try to end up on the opposite and not wanting to be a apart of the war and fight anymore. In the scene where the soldiers are shooting at the men individually Jancsó closes up to them making one man look more inferior then the soliders behind him who hesitated to kill the men,who have been caught . I think that scene was pretty interesting because usually in a film on war and in a shot similar to this one, soliders usually dont show any facial expression of being scared are act hesitent to the orders which have been given. In this film it was tragic in the end since everyone was killing on another even the nurses because of insecruities and many individuals switching sides of either fighting for the Red or the White armies. In  my opinion I also think that Jancsó wanted to show that there wasn’t really a lot of order during this Revolution as well as rules or boundaries, everyone was a victim and a suspect and was going to die either way. The Red and the White was a very interesting film as well as how the shots were used throughout the film from scene to scene or just not shooting to a scene and allowing the  characters to enter while panning this was very different and interesting.

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