Daisies is a Czechoslovak New Wave film directed by Vera Chytilová. This film was made in 1966 during a time of Communist rule and citizens speaking out against the government. I feel like this film was a way in telling those who watched it that the way Marie I and Marie II were acting, were in a way, like the government was acting. The two young women decide to embark on an adventure of being bad and basically act the way young ladies normally would not act. They hustle and wreak havoc in night clubs and bars and meet older men. I feel like Czech’s of this time might have been outraged by the way the film portrayed the two young girls. I think it effectively displayed a messaged that if the world is bad, you can act as bad as your world is. The crazy colors and random cut scenes just add to the rebellious vibe of the whole film. When it comes down to a general plot or story it doesn’t have much of one. I feel like this film wasn’t made to be elaborate. As complex as it may seem, it was actually pretty simple with just some sound editing and bright modified colors. Since the entire films purpose seems vague I feel as if you can interpret what the filmmaker was trying to say, in any way you’d like. Although it wasn’t immediately released after it’s production I’m glad it eventually hit theaters. I feel like no matter what society you live in you can some how comprehend the message the film is portraying. The bit of feminist movement kind of approach can also help women of any culture relate. Women of the time were normally not expected to act in such a way and the two Marie’s proved that they’re strong and independent and can act as wildly, or un-feminine as they’d like. After reading many reviews, I cam across most which were negative. Those who enjoyed the film, did so for exactly what it was, fun. “From beginning to end Daisies is informed by a playful, surrealistic spirit with a slight feminist edge, resulting in a film that’s pure weird fun.”

– Dolls in Fragments: Daisies as feminist allegory.  Camera Obscura; May2001, Vol. 16 Issue 47, p36, 42p by: Lim, Bliss Cua



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