Daisies is a highly unusual film that gives true meaning to the term “art house”.  Released in 1966, it focuses on two girls, Marie I and Marie II, who ultimately decide they want to be spoiled after coming to the conclusion that the world itself is spoiled.  They embark on adventure of rebellion, as they commit various acts of crime and mayhem.  Viewing the film in 2011 is most likely extremely different from viewing it in 1966, where its ideas were a lot more  relevant to society. Marie I and Marie II represent feminist attitudes of women during that time who wanted to show that women could be independent.  The film is hard to become fully engaged in, because it has no noticeable plot, but it contains really innovative and unique filmmaking.  Director Vera Chytilova experiments with different colors schemes to create a psychidelic and bizarre atmosphere.  The film’s style is just like the girls themselves, rebellious and weird.   The underlying message seems to be that the girls are as self-destructive as the world they live in, meaning that people become products of their environment.  Daisies is a fun film with interesting ideas if you can sit through it.

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