Film Response 2: The Red and The White

The Red and the White is a 1967 film directed by Miklos Jansco was banned in the U.S.S.R for many years for its subject matter on the Russian Civil War. “Set in the hills along the Volga River during Russia’s 1918 civil war, The Red and The white is told from the view point of Hungarian troops fighting on the side of the Communist Red Army. The film’s theme centers on the violence, absurdity and loss of morality in a war- ravaged land.” These terms would be the perfect description to the scenes in this non narrative film for it is effectiveness in getting its message across to the viewer and convey the brutality and inhumane actions during this time. Some of the scenes show how the men would be stripped down to only wear their pants and be shot in groups or be hunted down like animals. “It’s a film whose long takes, detached eroticism, choreographed movements, and absence of individual characterization stunned me. The film’s final scene shot in extreme long shot, depicting the two troops confronting each other in a senseless battle to the death, powerfully sums up Jancso’s point of view. Though the film was commissioned to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the film received only minimal distribution in the U.S.S.R. Its fate was a consequence of being so impartial a work and for failing to adhere to the party line. ” This film is also complex in a way that there is no main character and we are able to see and experience the view of different characters; confusing in that the audience has to be able to identify who the people in the film are and that is their role in it. This film is different to what audiences today are used to watching but this film also set forward to what audiences are interested in seeing such as the criticism of politics, humanities and the reality of has or will happen in time. I personally did not enjoy this film for it was too violent and its non narrative form confused me at certain points during the film.

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