Daisies 1966


I can’t even begin to describe how confusing this film was so let me start off with the basics. Daisies is a 1966 Czech film directed by Věra Chytilová and considered a milestone of the Czechoslovak New Wave (Nová Vlna  movement) and the modern surrealist cinema. Reviewing this movie  made me question whether this movie’s plot was suppose to make sense or not but i think in the beginning og the film the general idea was rebellion. The main characters, Marie I and Marie II, start off and continue their conversation in monotone. They are tired of being good and decide to be bad henceforth.  One of the earlier scenes is where the girls are frolicking around a tree filled with fruit. It kind of reminded me of the Tree of Knowledge and the Garden of Eden. Their odd behavior and childish pranks are their “flip-offs” to the world. They have no care for the consequences of their actions anymore. Despite its disorganized and sporadic picture, the main focus are on these two girls. The use of color and black/white picture made me believe there was a purpose for it in the film. I would like to think that the black and white footage was a more realistic world that the girls were living in while the color represented the more extravagant and imaginative minds of the girls and what they were seeing and experiencing. The film had a more amusing quality to it. I was laughing at the pure absurdity of the film and what was going on, mainly because I hardly understood what was going on.

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