Film Response #2: The Red and The White


This film was all about the Whites (Czarists) killing the Reds (Bolsheviks.) The only way for the Reds to get away from death was to proclaim that they were Hungarian. It was easy for me to compare who was who throughout the movie because of the clothing the characters were wearing. The Whites were in neat uniforms and hats while the Reds were in shabby clothing. Considering it was a war movie the entire movie was based on characters hiding or killing one another. However, it wasn’t gruesome and bloody like other war movies, which I enjoyed. I cannot stand those movies that are all about blood to emphasize the deaths that are going on. It makes me queazy,and this movie did a great job portraying the killing aspects of the war without showing any blood. One thing I was confused about in the movie was the help the Reds were receiving from civilians. Were these Hungarians who were secretly helping them out? If so why were they helping them? I couldn’t figure that out but since the Reds were claiming themselves as Hungarians to escape death I assumed the people they were getting help from were Hungarian. I couldn’t find a specific plot to the movie which bothered me. I understood the idea was to hide from the Reds and for the Reds to kill all the Whites but nothing happened in chronological order and you never knew what was going to happen next. No one likes a movie that they can predict but I believe that the jumping from place to place and just constantly killing people made this movie a bit confusing. One thing I found ironic were that the Reds were the ones wearing white shirts throughout the movie. At the end we see the small group of whites line up to defeat the large group of Reds and they get shot down, I guess they couldn’t take running and hiding anymore or maybe and decided to go down by defending themselves.

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