Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon is based upon a true story of John Wojtowicz. The movie takes place in Brooklyn, NY and is just a span of a couple of hours. Two men, Sonny (Al Pacino) and his partner in the crime, Sal (John Cazale) rob a bank in order to pay for a sexual reassignment surgery for Sonny’s transsexual partner. Although the bank robbery proves to be a fail in the end, the movie however did not.

This movie stands as an example of New Hollywood cinema because of all the barriers they broke making it. There was quite a large amount of profanity used throughout the movie which wasn’t something people had seen before, the idea of just one curse never crossed the minds of a motion picture, it was forbidden. To accompany the obscene language, came some vulgar scenes as well as the use of high machinery aka guns.  Also brought to light was homosexuality which wasn’t usually something talked about on screen. The main character, Sonny was gay. In those days, things like sexuality just weren’t talked about. All of these small aspects of the film were things you wouldn’t see in the old traditional Hollywood system which made them part of new Hollywood system. The biggest feed of this movie was that it didn’t follow traditional movie constraints, it did things and said things that actors and actresses weren’t yet doing on screen, making it the first of its kind.

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