Mash was directed by Robert Altman and based on book. Mash is about army doctors in the Korean war.  The film follows the adventures of Hawkeye who is the senior doctor of the army base.  The staff on the hospital use humor and hi jinks the survive the horrors of war.  The film has no plot but is a series of episodes just showing the day to day events.  The doctors use sexual humor and practical jokes to pass the time.   The film is a dark comedy. The movie does not fail to deliver the contradiction of the reality and the non sense that goes on in the film. As a political satire of war, it also delivers sharp pinpointed perspective throughout certain parts of the movie. The film is new wave because it has a different view of the world.  It shows a satire of it.

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  1. Juan Monroy says:

    Do you really see that the film doesn’t have a plot? There are definitely characters that we follow, and there’s clearly a goal they’re focused on (the football game). Also, why are there no sources?

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