Dog Day Afternoon

 For my new Hollywood film, I chose Dog Day Afternoon, starring Al Pacino.  The New Hollywood “movement” of films was a real breakthrough for films.  For the first time films were presented with wider framing and the much better sound. 

Dog Day Afternoon is a true story about a man named Sonny (Al Pacino) who robs a bank with his friend Sal. The whole movie takes place in a bank. From the moment Sonny steps into the bank it is evident that he is not going to be successful although he always remains confident that he will succeed and escape the country the whole time. Towards the end of the film was find out that Sonny is actually a homosexual and that he is robbing the bank to pay for his ex partner’s gender reassignment surgery. Gender reassignment surgery was definitely a and random issue to bring into the film. Throughout the whole bank robbery People are rioting outside, some cheering for Sonny and some angry at him. This gives us an idea of how people reacted with situations like this at the time.

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  1. Juan Monroy says:

    But why is this a New Hollywood Film?

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